My Professional Fees

In will dispute (will challenge) cases, legal fees are usually (though not always) paid out of the deceased estate.

I am obliged by law to send the solicitor who instructs me on your behalf, a "Costs Agreement" setting out the basis on which my fees will be calculated and billed. I am not retained (i.e. there is not a professional relationship) until that Agreement has been signed and accepted. In addition of course, the solicitor charges professional fees.

If a case has good prospects of success I am sometimes prepared to accept a retainer on the basis that payment of my fees is subject to a successful outcome.

I can discuss my fees further with you and the solicitor, after I have received a "brief" from the solicitor and had the opportunity to assess your will dispute/will challenge case.

Settling a case out of court

Most will disputes/will challenge cases are settled out of court after the proceedings have commenced in a process known as Mediation. As a will dispute specialist barrister I appear at Mediations.