Are you looking for a lawyer specialising in will disputes or are you looking to contest a will?

Most will disputes in NSW, when they are contested or challenged, end up in the Supreme Court of NSW. If your matter goes to court, you will need a barrister who specialises in will disputes, will challenges and family provision claims. Kim Morrissey has over 36 years experience as a specialist wills and estates barrister. 

Do you need help looking for a will disputes and estates lawyer?

If you do not have a solicitor for your will dispute matter, or your family provision claim, then we can help you find a solicitor who is experienced and specialises in contesting or challenging wills. 

Do you have a lawyer and are looking for a barrister specialising in will disputes and estates?

Whether they are your family solicitor or a lawyer who works in will disputes, you will need an experienced wills and estate barrister if your matter goes to court. Your solicitor may choose your barrister for you, or you can let your solicitor know who you would like to represent you in court. Kim Morrissey offers a free inital consultation to discuss your matter with you. During this consultion he will explain the court process and advise you as to the prospects of your claim.    

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