Kim Morrissey - Disputed Will Specialist Barrister

Kim Morrissey Barrister at law

If you contest or challenge a will , you will probably need the assistance of a barrister (in addition to a solicitor), even if your case is eventually settled out of court.

If you are defending a will challenge, or will contest by someone else, you will almost certainly need a specialist will dispute barrister (in addition to a solicitor) at some stage, even if your case is settled out of court.

I can assist now before proceedings are commenced, and then take the case on to compulsory mediation and on to hearing if it doesn't settle at mediation.

I am a will dispute specialist. I have 43 years experience in will disputes and challenges to wills. As a barrister I appear regularly in the Supreme Court of NSW, briefed by solicitors (lawyers) from all over Australia in will dispute (will challenge) cases, on behalf of clients.

I practice from chambers (offices) in Phillip Street, Sydney CBD, opposite the Supreme Court of NSW where most of the will contests /will challenge cases are handled, even those settled out of court. I do not have partners or employees. I am independent.

If your case has reasonable chances of success in my view, I can then give you the name of a will dispute specialist solicitor who will have a personal conference with you at NO COST to you to appraise your case further. After the personal conference with you, the solicitor may, with your consent and subject to my usual terms and conditions, retain me as your barrister.

As a will dispute barrister I do NOT accept instructions to act directly from members of the public. However, I am available to assess at NO FEE, your will dispute (will challenge) claim in general terms, either before a claim is made, or after a claim has been made, with no obligation.

Since admission as a barrister I have developed a wide practice, which as well as specializing in Wills and Probate (including contesting a will and Family Provision Act claims), also includes Equity and Trusts, and Commercial Law (including contractual disputes and business disputes ).

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